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24 Hour Gaming Marathon

FA10upjVSo this bank holiday weekend Rooney and myself are doing a 24 hour gaming marathon on XBox One to raise money for Meningitis Now which is an incredible charity. Rooney will be doing his 24 hours on Friday through to Saturday and I’ll be doing mine on Sunday through to Monday.

At present the timetable is:

Rooney – 12pm on Friday 25th March (finishing 12pm Saturday 26th). Playing Elder Scrolls Online, Halo 5, SW: Battlefront.

Hibiscus – 9am Sunday 27th March (finishing 9am Monday 28th). Playing Witcher 3, SW: Battlefront, Elder Scrolls Online.

Please check out the link for more information and also feel free to donate and/or share the link. We will be sharing updates on Facebook and Twitter and will do a post on here after on how it went and so on. Any money raised will make a huge difference.


Obsession Session

I’m talking about gaming obsessions, and I think that anyone that has a games console or has played games has had some form of temporary obsession with a certain game whether it’s Tetris, Fifa or Skyrim. My biggest one was with Fallout 3. If I wasn’t playing it I was working out when I’d be playing it next and even knew where on the map I’d be travelling to or which quest I’d be doing.  I’d also talk about it a lot, I’d discuss it with Rooney, my friends, my family and even my work colleagues.

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Dance Central 3!

I have just found out that there will be a Dance Central 3. I do apologise if this is old news as I am not very up to date with game releases at the moment. As a massive fan of the Dance Central games this is very exciting for me.

With Dance Central and Dance Central 2 the majority of dances featured were for songs that had been very popular around that time. But Dance Central 3 seems to be focusing on learning popular moves from the 70s and through the decades to now with songs from Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” and Usher’s “Scream”.

There is also the new Crew Throwdown mode which allows two teams of four to go head to head in dance battles. There will also be other new mini games and new characters.

Miss Aubrey will be making a return along with Emilia but was hoping that Oblio would be back, I’m still not over the fact that he’s not in Dance Central 2.

I’m so excited!

Alice: Madness Returns

Well this isn’t so much a review as I didn’t get that far in the game to review it fully because I was disappointed by it enough to stop playing, not as disappointed as I would have been if I hadn’t have been warned that it would suck. I’d been told by quite a lot of people that it’s not a very good game but I still wanted to give it a chance.

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or an XBox game by its cover art but when I originally saw the cover for this game I was so excited. I love Alice in Wonderland and I do mean love and I mean it as a whole as in the books, films and general art and bits and bobs. I love it so much that I had my 25th birthday party Alice in Wonderland themed… anyway back to the point, so I had high hopes that it would please me anyway and then seeing the version of Alice that American McGee created I was super excited to delve into Wonderland.

We are so creative haha

My blonde wig was ridiculous so I didn’t wear it but inside I was Alice haha.

I started the game and enjoyed the introduction and I was enjoying it until Alice goes in to Wonderland. I liked the back story that we saw, I liked the take on Alice and the Cheshire Cat but I found the game really slow and unexciting the only bit that I did really enjoy was being able to shrink Alice and walk through keyholes (that parts the Disney fan in me). The weapons that Alice is equip with (at the points in the game I reached I’m not sure if they had any others) is a pepper grinder and the vorpal blade. The vorpal blade is the primary weapon and quite fun to use but the pepper grinder was a horrible weapon.

Thats all I can really think to write about, the enemies are boring and the levels are boring and all a bit… well boring. Quite disappointing, mainly because it was a wonderful oppurtunity to make another amazing Alice.

In other news I’m currently playing Alan Wake, I only started playing today but so far I’m quite enjoying it. I love the story so far and I’m finding it quite tense which is fun. I also have Rise of Nightmares and Disneyland Adventures to try out so expect something to follow on those.

Dance Central 2 – Baby Got Back!

Don’t you love it when you buy something and it’s even better than you thought it would be. I have just had that experiance with Dance Central 2. I loved Dance Central and was ridiculously excited when they brought out Dance Central 2 but due to other gaming commitments (okay I was just a little bit addicted to Skyrim), having the wrong room set up to play it in and lack of money I didn’t buy it… until today. We’d rearranged the front room for Kinect the other day and then I saw the game fairly cheap today so I made my purchase and have been playing it for the last hour.

I was browsing through the song list and was overly excited by two songs that I didn’t know was on there, one being Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back and the other being O-Zone – Dragostea din tei

No i’m not embarrased that I was excited by those songs, I know that I probably should be but it was so much fun dancing to them. I also gave Flo Rida ft. David Guetta’s – Club Can’t Handle Me and Far East Movement’s – Like A G6 (which I was hearing as Roll A D6) a go which where both cool.

I think that the difficulty in general has gone up since the last game and I’m sad that Oblio isn’t in it anymore but all in all I’m really pleased and can’t wait to try out all of the dances. The downloadable content is really good as well. I’ll definatly be downloading The Party Rock Anthem, Milkshake and Ridin’ Dirty.

A feature that is different is that you can have two dances performing together without it being a dance battle, but the option to battle is still there which is always fun when you’ve got people round… or as I live with two people just when we get competative… and yeah I always win :-p

I’m really pleased and look forward to doing all of the dances, I’d recommend it to anyone that enjoyed the first game and anyone that enjoys dancing in general. I’ve tried some of the other dance games for Kinect and this one is by far the best.

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