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May The 4th Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day you beautiful people!

Here is the Star Wars story told very quickly and with Lego. I really like this, it’s done so well and is also quite funny.

And obviously…

I really wish I had washed my Star Wars top now, I’m so unorganised haha.

Have a good one guys and gals x

Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig

As a massive Youtube user and a lover of guinea pigs I was super excited when I came across the Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig videos created by Smosh.com. Charlie is a drunk and angry guinea pig who lives with Ian and Anthony and it’s about their adventures in the house they share and the run ins they have with their landlord. It features the cutest guinea pig ever and also a ridiculously catchy theme tune. They also have various other videos and another account under askcharlie which is Charlie answering questions sent in by fans. It’s very funny and an easy way to lose hours of your life on one website…. which I have done.

Heres the first episode for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!

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