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I don’t know why I like it…

But this song is beautiful and I could listen to it on repeat. It’s from the anime Paprika and the film is crazy, but also very good. The song is called A Drop Filled With Memories.



This video has made my day.

It’s uncanny how well the moves match up with the music. And this new song is far less irritating than the original!

Made by a chap named TheBaglee on YouTube, and pointed out to me by Martin.

Cheaper than a flight to New York!

Are you a Ghostbusters fan? Always wanted to visit the iconic locations form the film? A bit too strapped for cash to make the trip all the way across the pond (assuming you live in the UK/Europe) and visit New York? Well then let these quirky Colonials do it for you!

And there you have it, the Ghostbusters tour of New York done in your lunch break. Aren’t we good to you? ūüėČ

Made by some chaps over at Bleeding Cool.

Say Cheese!

We’ve all had that awkward moment when someone holds up a camera and you pose for a photo and it turns out it’s a video. How embarrasing! But Dean Fleischer-Camp a director/editor decided to turn that awkward moment in to a short video. It’s brilliant, especially the girl that susses it everytime. I’ve tried to find out more information on Dean Fleishcher-Camp and theres not much out there.

This is his website http://www.deanfleischercamp.com/

And this is the video, it’s called Smile. Enjoy!

My Drunk Kitchen…

I’m not sure how I stumbled across ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ a few months back, but it is one of those things that is instantly likeable and draws you in.

Hosted by Hannah Hart, the idea is remarkably simple…. Hannah gets drunk and then attempts to do some cooking, with mixed results. ¬†For those of you old enough to remember it, it might well be comparable to an alcohol related version of ‘Get Stuffed’, but without the 90s wackiness… oh, and funny.

While, in principle, the idea should be quite dull, I find Hannah to be very engaging and just ridiculously likeable, so can overlook the essential pointlessness of the concept. ¬†Each episode quickly becomes less about the basic foodstuff that she is attempting to make, and more about nothing other than her drunk observations or asides. ¬†So, really, without her personality, this would be dead in the water within seconds. ¬†This is the only problem really, as if you don’t find her interesting, the whole thing falls apart rapidly. ¬†But, I guess this is the main weakness of a lot of youtube bloggers and personality driven web shows… you either like them or find them incredibly irritating… ¬†For me, this is the former!


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